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Living the Seasons, A New Writing Home

Greetings friends.

You'll see from a very quick scroll that my writing here has been far from regular. As summer turns to autumn, and as I move from one season of life into another, I'm feeling itchy to write more, to capture the change from town mouse to village mouse, as my family and I prepare to move in the coming month or so.

My whole life I've lived in towns and cities and had all the things I needed and wanted to hand, often within close walking distance, and with little need for a car. Work, friendships, church, the seaside, shops, not to mention a decent cup of coffee. With a move to a village - with no shop! - just on the horizon, I feel both excited for the *new* but also nervous, knowing that what I have always had close by will now be a car journey away.

I have already been so challenged by my response to how I'm feeling about the move. In short, being acutely aware that so much of what I think I will miss is about consumption and convenience. In theory, I would much rather create than consume, but I'm keen to know how this plays out after our family move to what I can only describe as sleepy Sussex. We shall see.

While keeping this website as place to share my work and projects, I am hoping to record my impressions of this new season of life at my new writing home, Living the Seasons. Expect reflections on wild pottering throughout the year, capturing the moments that matter, and being at home with the seasons, both of the year and of life.

See you there.


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