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Answers on a Postcard

Capturing what matters isn’t always easy. Sometimes we don’t even know which things mean something to us until much later, like all the letters Gran sent me while I was working abroad. 

I love looking at other people’s treasures but haven’t always been great at saving my own so am now trying to keep a few things along the way. Not much. It will all fit in a shoebox. The most important things aren’t really things at all, but something you can put your hands on - and indeed, engage other senses too - can really help to anchor experiences, people and places in our memories.

I spotted this postcard stuck up outside an artist’s studio in Sicily. It was the only one left - a bit dog eared, with a crease across the middle - but I wanted it anyway. The artist (a very vintage Italian gentleman) could see how much I wanted it so he humoured me. Definitely one for the shoebox. I’ve even written the date on the back.

(Reflection written in June 2019)


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